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About Elegant Empire

Mission Statement


" Our mission is to serve the community with quality residential cleaning services through our network of committed professionals at an exceptional value through the use quality equipment and supplies." 


- Elegant Empire -

Why Choose Our Service?


There are plenty of reasons to choose our marketplace. Maybe it’s because our service providers will work with you to build a cleaning plan, tailored to your specific needs and budget. Or because not only have we been expertly trained to provide the highest quality of customer service, but are a great team as well. It could be because our service providers will allow you to choose when and how often we clean so that your cleaning fits perfectly into your life and schedule. No matter the reason, at the end of the day cleaning it is our passion and it’s what we bring to each and every household that our marketplace members service. That along with our firm commitment to great customer service makes choosing us as your cleaning services marketplace source  an easy decision.


We hear time and time again clients complain about how the last housing cleaning service could not keep a consistent day OR time for more than a week. We also hear how their last house cleaner started out great but over a number of months started to slack off and overlooked details that were once taken care of at the start. And let's not forget the companies that will nickel and dime you for a host of back-end fees; no access fees, late payment fees, gas fee, supply fee, merchant payment processing fees, etc. These are just some of the MANY complaints we have listened about many other service providers and that is what we are on a mission to solve. 

Quality Workmanship & Consistency

Our Mission Statement post at the beginning  of this page summarizes the essence of our marketplace. The quality aspect has been proven key to our long term objective. Cleaning a house at industry standards is one thing, but doing it over and over again consistently over a long period of time is a challenge. That is why we've implemented a number of quality control metrics into our marketplace business process to maximize the quality of workmanship and reduce the inconsistencies.  

Service Value

The other aspect of that helps us maximize the value of the cleaning service provided is by recruiting and building a team of people to our marketplace that have dedicated a number of years in the house cleaning industry, and have verifiable work referrals. This increases the quality of work performed and ensures the work gets done within appropriate time as determined by industry standards. Often times very large companies get bogged down with a large percentage of new or inexperienced cleaners that ultimately shows with poor service quality. On the other hand, very small companies may lack the resources to recruit well qualified associates and may need to outsource some of the cleaning assignments to them without proper preparation. We're in the middle of the pack, we're not a mom and pop operation nor a multi sate operation. With an online marketplace, we have the flexibility to expand or contract on the fly, with little to no disruption to existing service.  


Flexible service menu and payment options

Our budget-friendly plans mean you never pay for cleanings that what you don’t need. So whatever your variable cleaning needs or budget, your service provider will work with you to make sure you get exactly the kind of results desired. Often times, some house cleaning services only offer a predetermined menu of house cleaning packages. This leaves out many clients that are looking for something unique for their needs. Maybe cleaning the house every week is too much or cleaning some bedrooms each and every visit is not needed. Our marketplace service system is flexible enough to accommodate these specific house cleaning situations and many more.


For a no hassle in home consultation feel free to complete an online service request form and we will be in contact shortly to set up a day and time to stop by and come up with a plan that fits your situation. 

Furthermore, we NEVER require our clients to enroll in any type of long-term service program. All our services are month to month and we are certain that if a client likes the service provide by the cleaner, they will continue with us until they desire. Paying is a breeze. If paying with a check, please make out to "Elegant Empire" and have it ready for our crew on the day of service. If paying with PayPal, just follow the easy steps included in the invoice link to process the payment. Online payments can be made from any device with internet access. If you have completed the Online Payment Authorization Form, we'll process each payment on your behalf on the day the service is scheduled and completed. 

Quality Equipment & Supplies

Quite often we get a new client and the only reason they canceled their last service provider is because they'd clean most of the house with one or two products. We're talking everything from the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, and other areas! Now in theory you could probably clean an entire house with a mixture of vinegar and water, but in reality it will not work. Some surfaces will clean better and look better when a material specific product is used. As an example, a good quality degreaser will remove nearly 99% of grease from the inside of an oven or other areas. Try using vinegar on a greasy area and the result will not be anywhere near as degreaser with special chemicals designed to breakdown grease. The same goes with stainless steal surface. A stainless steel specific product will clean and shine the surface of your stainless steel oven much better than any other product. Our associates are well versed on the type of solution to use for every material. This also ensures a high quality result and will also contribute to the efficiency at which the work gets done.  

Furthermore, every associate will show up to a house cleaning assignment prepared. They each have at least one quality vacuum, microfiber cloths, gloves, brushes for scrubbing, sponges, squeegee, small dusting tool, dusting tool extension, supply caddie, and a host of other items to ensure a high quality job is done thoroughly and without unnecessary  delays. Now we understand that some clients will supply the crew with all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies. We  respect that and the cleaning crew will gladly use what is a available and use the tools with care. ​​

Our Business Model

We are dedicated to improve the business relationship between service providers and clients by implementing our online   marketplace and management platform, which includes business consulting, marketing, and a Third Party Settlement Organization Payments system.


Organizing merchants into communities and providing them with the tools to better manage and grow their businesses is another reason our service appeals to micro merchants. As a service aggregator we make it a priority to consolidate a fragmented market and make it easier for consumers to find merchants within that market. Market unification is central to our business plan.


As a service aggregator, one of the things we do is helping bring together a fragmented marketplace that helps clients find service providers and vice-versa.” That in itself is a huge benefit, because it is the consumer that actually hires the service provider.We also perform all back-end administrative and marketing functions for the service providers, including payment processing. In exchange, service providers pay a small management fee that hovers at about 10%. 


A lot of service providers can’t accept credit cards and many clients prefer the idea of being able to pay for services with a credit card. So like many aggregators, we offers our sub-merchants more than just payment processing. Some service providers are provided with a website that showcases their own business, with details such as service areas, hours, and pricing points. We also perform all marketing for our service providers by actively marketing their website. Online marketing is complex and highly competitive and for most service providers, marketing themselves online is tough. Most prefer to focus on the service end of their business. Giving micro-merchants tools to manage and expand their business is an integral part of our business​​

Furthermore, with an ever-changing legal business environment, our LLC Member Managers are given the legal framework under which they can  maximize their earnings, all while complying with a number of laws that oversee service providers in the State of California. This includes compliance with Tax Laws at a City, State, and Federal level. In addition,  we ensure that all LLC Member Mangers are compliant with any insurance requirements as listed by State Labor Laws.   As a well-oiled and managed machine, you can be certain to receive quality service on a consistent basis, and at a competitive price

Elegant Empire -

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