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Affordable House Cleaning Service

Price matrix


When comparing service providers you may see an enormous difference in the price. For the sake of simplicity, we'll list just a few different hourly price levels within the industry as we've determined after several years in this service sector. When comparing service providers, it is VERY important to know which of these categories they are from.


 1. Independent Service Providers. Usually charge $12 - $15 per service hour, but we've seen some charge much more. Most of these individuals will accept payment ONLY in cash in an effort to avoid paying taxes at every level, from local, state, income, etc. They most often, if not always, lack any type of business license and without at least a business license they are unable to obtain any type of Service Bond or Business Insurance.  In our opinion, it is VERY risky to do business with any individual that has not gone through the proper channels to legally operate as a business. Not only do they undermine legitimate businesses, they also fail to contribute to the tax base at most levels. 


 2. Small Service Business. Prices are higher than independent cleaners and can range from about $20 - $25 per service hour/cleaner. Small and mostly local, service business have a Business Tax Certificate (Business License) and are heavily regulated. In order to afford to pay for taxes (payroll, state and local) and to stay afloat, they NEED to charge more than Independent Service Providers. Due to the larger number of clients and businesses serviced, most if not all of them, have a Service Bond, and some may carry Business Insurance. However, because of the small number of employees most of these local businesses have, they are NOT subject to VERY EXPENSIVE Worker's Compensation Insurance. This allows them to offer service pricing that is within the reach of most people, while complying with the law and providing the basic levels of protection for the rare case when something goes wrong while providing house cleaning service.


3. Franchised National Brands. We've all heard of a number of large franchised service company's and it is no secret how much they charge! Prices will normally range from $30 - $40 per hour, per house cleaner. Now the reason they charge so much is not clear to the average consumer. Yes, they do have highly regulated service procedures and multiple layers of management in an effort to provide great customer service. But, the PRIMARY reason, from our research, why they charge so much is for one reason. You see, once a company exceeds a certain number of employees, they are REQUIRED by labor laws to obtain Worker's Compensation Insurance, and that single item alone is VERY expensive. It can cost the company anywhere from 30% - 60% in U.S.D. for EVERY SINGLE hour worked by EVERY SINGLE associate.


​Here is an example:


Associate A works 35 hours/week at $12.50 an hour, earns a gross income of $437.50. The company must pay Worker's Compensation Insurance anywhere from $131.25 - $262.50 just for that one associate for that week alone!


If you require any of the following types of in home cleaning services we HIGHLY recommend a Franchised Service Business that has the insurance requirements for HIGH risk tasks or areas of service. This is a basic list of instances where you will need the highest level of protection.


  • Junk removal


  • Window cleaning


  • Home or office cleaning that demands moving heavy objects


  • Multi-story dwellings with multiple stair cases


  • Chimney cleaning


  • High pressure exterior home cleaning


  • Homes worth above $2,000,000,000


  • Banks


  • High-rise buildings


  • Hotels or Motels


  • Gyms


  • Law Enforcement buildings


  • Government operated offices


  • Museums


We hope this information will help you better understand what's behind some of the vast price differences from one service provider to another. Please be diligent and weigh the risks and rewards of each level of service provider before making a decision.

Affordable House Cleaning
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