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Eco-friendly cleaning


We offer an environmentally friendly green cleaning process, unless otherwise requested.

Green isn't a new idea in the cleaning industry. But here at Elegant Empire, we think of green this way:
To provide excellent customer service, our cleaning methods and products must be safe for our clients, their families, their pets, the environment, and our Professional Maid Cleaning staff.

We know most clients are committed to healthy homes and environmentally-friendly practices, and that is why we have implemented green cleaning procedures. With our commitment to healthier cleaning, we use neutral products such as vinegar and water, baking soda, and Bon Ami – all of which contain no chlorine, dye, phosphorus, or fragrance. So, when children and pets play on a floor we've just cleaned, there is minimal to  no risk of toxicity or harmful chemicals.

Our Professional Maids use specialized equipment and products. Along with our environmentally-friendly cleaning products, we use special dust-trapping cloths and HEPA vacuums. Our vacuums catch dust particles and allergens, rather than shooting the irritants back into the air, the way conventional vacuums do. Thus, in addition to being green, our cleaning methods are also highly beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers.


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Eco-Friendly cleaning process
Transparent Pricing


I know you have called at least a few cleaning ads that boast 20 or 30 years of cleaning experience only to be shocked when they can't give you an estimate over the phone. What are they up to? Are they hiding something? Is it really possible to have that much time in the cleaning industry and not be able to give a rough estimate on an average cleaning task? Well here at Elegant Empire, we are committed to customer service and have determined that being honest and transparent with our pricing is the only way to keep cutomers happy.


With just a bit under six years in the industry we have developed our own proprietary method of pricing our most domestic house cleaning jobs. Just look at our pricing and you will find rates that will be withing 10% of almost any quote given to you over the phone; without an hour long sales presentation or other high pressure sales tactics. I have seen cleaners advertise for as little as $8 an hour for cleaning services. Is that really the price?


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Transparent Pricing

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Professional Standards 


Company Advantage:

From our research, over 90% of all house cleaning companies in the industry will offer a basic training period to all new hires. This may include anything from proper use of house cleaning solutions and tools, to work techniques to maximize efficiency. The associates that learn the material and work according to the procedures taught, will be kept as part of the team and are given follow up training and reviews on a regular basis. So if you are lucky enough to be assigned a team that has the correct training and experience through a company, then you’ll probably be a happy customer for a while. The problem arises when...


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Elegant Empire _  Professional Standards
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