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Our Testimonials are updates about every 3 months. Our team consists of the most dedicated and experienced cleaning experts in your area. And together we offer exceptional cleaning services at an incredible value.

I was recently involved in a minor accident that left me unable to perform certain movements necessary to perform basic cleaning tasks. One of my colleagues  gave me a flyer that his maid left him after the last time she cleaned his house. Although I am the type of person that likes to get things done and organized by myself, I know it would be at least a few months before I could tidy things up. I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency  and skill of my Pro Maid Services. I will definitely  use this service for now, at least until I'm good enough to get up safely. 

"Ray B."- Ventura, CA

You get what you pay for is all I have to say. I like the transparent pricing plans offered through this company. A few well known cleaning services won't even give you a price unless the go and look inside your residence first. I just can't stand high pressure sales tactics. That is the main reason I use Elegant Empire for my cleaning.

"Patti O." - , Bakersfield, CA   


I was recently promoted to a position at work that required me to work an extra 10 - 20 hours per week. That was great at first until I realized I was just too exhausted to keep my house clean. I responded to an ad on the paper for house cleaning services to see if it was even an option for me. To my surprise  I was able to get an affordable monthly cleaning service through Elegant Empire and am glad I did. 

"Eloise P." Ventura, CA

" I was referred to this professional maid service through a co-worker that had hired a Maid to do some cleaning around the house. I am so happy to have listened to him. In the past I had hired a maid service that I found through Angie's List.  Yes, they did come out and do the proper cleaning, but I was not very happy with the high pressure tactics they use to sell their yearly cleaning plans.  If it wasn't for the high pressure I might have signed up for more than one cleaning. Well it's been about 6 months now and I am still satisfied with the service and pricing plan offered through this site. Good service with integrity! " 

"Shawn" , Ventura, CA  

“At first I thought about hiring a cleaning lady or two off of Craigslist. By chance, I read a news article about a case involving false injury claims by unlicensed contractors and the risk involved. Yes, paying someone $8 an hour sounds tempting, but not once you realize the amount of risk involved should someone you hire file a claim...even if you are not at fault, it may cost you thousands of dollars and time just to get the issue resolved. For just $25 an hour I hire a maid to get my house tidy once a month. I feel safe knowing that I am doing business with a solid company and trustworthy contractors.  

"Ellain P", Thousand Oaks, CA   

" I'm the manager for a large company here in Ventura County and once a year I have year-end employee appreciation celebration.  After reviewing the employee suggestion box I decided to lessen the burden of our staff to clean after the event. I called around and was shocked by some of the prices quoted to me for basic party cleaning services. I found this site online and was pleased to see a company that offers a no-hassle hourly pricing option. I was happy with the price and the service. Good job.

"Brandon H", Santa Ana, CA  

"I am a lifelong native of Ventura County and until 2009 had been employed. That is until my employer went out of business and I was left on unemployment.  I was lucky enough to find a part time job but it was not enough. I came across this ad "Now Hiring Maids".  I thought it was a total scam like the ones found all over the internet.  I met the manager, Gene, and was pleased to have met someone that represents such a straight, and legitimate online company.  It did take a while before they were able to process my application, but once approved, I was able to join the staff as an independent residential cleaner. It has almost been three years now and I am still part of the team. They have a great administration, and are really easy to get a hold of. They always answer my questions and never hide behind the anonymity of the internet like so many other companies do. In summary, good company, good pay, flexible hours, and very respectful clientele. 

"Coco",  Santa Barbara, CA

Thanks again,


-Elegant Empire- "

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