Cleaning Service Questions

Elegant Empire | Vacation Rental Cleaning

Whether you rent your house out on a consistent or random basis, we have the staff to accommodate your schedule. With so many people engaging in the beach/vacation  rental business, this is one of our niche services here in the west coast. To get a clear idea of what to expect from our vacation rental service, please read the section below where we answer the most common questions. Once you decide to get a quote for your job request, please click on the red button below and complete the Online Form. We will contact you shortly to set up and confirm a day and time for an in-person walk-thru.

Common Vacation Rental Service Questions

Service Provider Fees

How will Elegant Empire charge for each service?

Just like any other domestic service business, payment is due once per week. We will add up all the service fees for the week and email you a link that can be paid for and processed through PayPal.

How often are payments due(monthly, weekly, per service, etc.)?


What is Elegant Empire's preferred method of payment?

We accept and prefer PayPal payments through our business merchant account. PayPal uses the latest in online payment security and we've never had a single issue with payments being compromised in any way. All transactions made are recorded in real-time and all partie involved in a transaction will get an instant email once a payment has been processed. This Please note, that as of today, 12/03/15, the other payment providers do not accept payments made to businesses. These other payment apps include Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc.


How is a cleaning fee determined? Will it be a set fee each time? Or will it be charged per hour?

The total FEE per cleaning is based on the amount of time it takes to complete each job. We understand that work load may vary from one visit to the next, so we'll tabulate and provide an invoice for each individual completed job. Generally speaking, these are the rates: $24/service hour/cleaner If you have a very specific type of assignment that requires worker's compensation insurance, then the rate will go up acccordingly to $30 per hour/cleaner. Keep in mind that we will NOT offer this type of insurance for jobs with a total contract that is less than $20,000 in the service period; half a year to 1 year.

Will Elegant Empire provide cleaning supplies?

Yes. Our team is equipped with all the necessary house cleaning tools and supplies. HOWEVER, if you prefer that we use YOUR supplies, for whatever reason, we will make a note of that and do so.

What about specific cleaning needs (i.e. grills, hot tubs, etc.)?

Our staff is able to clean anything that is common to maintain a vacation home. We will request that you show us any specific methods to clean grills, hot tubs, etc.

Do you also offer outside cleaning (i.e. sweeping porch, cleaning patio furniture)?

Yes, our staff is available to clean outside areas from the front, sides, and back of the house. However, we do not offer any type of outside work that falls under the category of landscaping; trimming trees, mowing the lawn, caring for flowers, etc.

How does trash pickup work for the property and does it require Elegant Empire's assistance?

Generally speaking, if your guest will be at the home a day before, or the day of the trash pick-up, they are responsible for putting the trash bins outside on the curb and putting them back in after they are pick-up. IF for any reason, the guest forgets to put the bins out on the trash day, please contact us so we can provide you with the correct information to schedule a special service pick-up. This is an extra fee that is normally added to the property's existing trash bill.


Does Elegant Empire offer a linen service or will linens be laundered at the home?

We do not offer linen service. All laundry will need to be processed using the homes washer and dryer.

If the homeowner is providing linens, how many sets are required for the property?

We'd recommend to have two sets of linens for each bed.

Guest Contact

Who is acting as the Guest Contact to be available to guests prior to and during their stays?

The landlord is the guest contact. In case of an EMERGENCY, Elegant Empire may act as the contact for a guest.

If Elegant Empire can provide on-call guest support, please discuss with them how they will be comprensated for this service.

Does Elegant Empire have a list of preferred maintenance vendors if there is a maintencance need during a guest's stay?

Unfortunately, we do not provide or recommend any third party service providers or vendors to any clients. It is the responsibility of the client to find, contact, and deal with any handymen, landscape business, or other vendors that may need to do work on the property.

Property Access

How will guests access the property?

This can be acomplished in a few ways and it is up to the home owner to select one. 1. Homes with an electronic home access lock. The homeowner can provide each guest with a code to access the home. In many cases, the unique code can be programmed to operate only during a specified time-frame that can be synced with the time the guest has reserved the house. Once a guest has checked out, the access code can be changed for the next guest, and so on. The home owner can provide the service provider with a separate access code to open and lock the door. This code can also be changed when needed. 2. Lock box. We can provide a lock box that can be placed either on the foor handle or in an area that can be reached from the outside of the house. An extra set of keys can be placed here for the guest to open and close the property. If this option is selected, it is very important that each guest remembers to lock the property and place the set of keys back in the lock box once they check out. The service provider can change the lock-box code before the next guest arrives, if requested. 3. Homeowner allows access. If the home owner lives close by and has the time, they can allow access to each guest upon arrival. In this situation, the homeowner can leave a key inside the house for the guests to open and lock the door during the visit. In our opinion, we've had the fewest issues with the lock box option.

If there is a lockbox/keyless entry, who is responsible for changing the code?

Lock-box. We cam change the code after each service visit. Keyless entry. The homeowner is responsible for changing the code when needed.

Reporting Damage

Can Elegant Empire help report damage after each guest check out?

Yes, since most cleanings are done soon after a guest leaves, we are able to do a quick walk-thru before the service and notify the landlord of any damage or items that appear to be out of place.

If a damaged item needs to be replaced, can Elegant Empire assist in purchasing the item?

Who will be responsible for reporting any damage to Evolve? Or will there be a seperate inspection performed?

Restocking Essential Supplies

Which supplies will need to be restocked after each guest stay?

This is really up to the owner, but the most common items that will need to be stocked and replaced are:

  • Bathroom tissue
  • Kitchen paper towels
  • Hand soap
  • Laundry detergent and softener
  • Kitchen trash bags
  • Bottled water

Who is responsible for purchasing the supplies?

The owner of the property is responsible for purchasing supplies. In case of an EMERGENCY, we can purchase and stock some supplies.

Maintenance Needs

Can Elegant Empire assist with any maintenance for the home?

We can assist with the cleaning maintenance of the home. For yard, electrical, plumbing, and other specialized work, the owner of the house will need to outsource that work.

Does Elegant Empire already have a list of preffered vendors to use in case of a maintenance issue?

No, the owner of the house is responsible to find, contact, and deal directly with ouside vendors.