House Cleaning Position

House Cleaning Position Information

House Cleaning Position

Do you have House Cleaning Experience (1 year minimum) and are looking for a way to grow your earnings potential? Do you have your own Reliable Transportation and can start to work within a week? If you answered YES to these questions and have a strong work ethic with a positive attitude, we have a solution! Elegant Empire LLC is a local team of highly experienced cleaning professionals, and because of the demand for our service, we are looking to expand our team by adding another few hard working cleaning professionals. We are now accepting qualified and interested cleaning professionals that live in one of the following cities:

  • Oxnard
  • Camarillo
  • Ventura
  • Port Hueneme

House Cleaning Lead | Basic requirements

  • 1 year verifiable and recent house cleaning experience
  • Must have drivers license, car insurance, and own reliable transportation
  • POSITIVE and friendly personality
  • No felonies
  • Must have a good moral character
  • Ability to learn basic word and excel data entry tasks
  • Available during the most requested business hours/days, Mon - Frid from 8:30 - 5 PM
  • Complete LLC member registration. ( State requirement ). Company Paid.
  • Service bond. Company Paid.
  • Business cards. Company Paid.
  • Business website. Company Paid.
  • Lead generation. Company Paid.

House Cleaning Lead: Pay & Work load

  • ALL team members start on a part-time basis (8 – 12 jobs per month)
  • 60 day training period(about) with a commission rate equal to $17.00 per hour
  • More cleaning jobs will be offered (up to 25 - 30 jobs per month) once you prove your ability to work INDEPENDENTLY, and the ability to follow detailed work instructions.
  • As an associate manager-member, you will have the opportunity to expand your income by delegating additional jobs.
  • Weekly Pay
  • 90% commission from total service fees paid by customer
  • The average clients pays between $24 - $28 per service hour. You will get paid 90% of that!
  • Our top associate grossed over $40,000 last year. Not bad for the cleaning industry; this is actually in the top 1% for the industry.

Hose Cleaning Company Information

We've been around for some time now and have had the chance to interview hundreds of people in the cleaning industry. We have identified a pattern among the many applications that we've processed over the years, saw an area for improvement, and decided to change the game a bit. You see, we hear over and over again how much some companies charge clients and how little they pay the cleaners. It's almost as if most cleaning companies charge the maximum amount they are able to collect, and at the same time pay the cleaners the least amount they are willing to accept! We also see many, many sole-proprietors breaking their heads trying to get and maintain new clients, as well as break a number of local and federal laws along the way. This may work over a short period of time, but it is not a system that will succeed over the long haul. We're not going into a full discussion about why that is the case, but we will tell you what some people in the industry do to even the playing field. Some will try and do business under a proven legal structure and join a franchise, also with the hopes of increasing their share of the pie...only to find out most well known franchises will ask for liquid cash from $25,000 up to $100,000! Not only that, but finding a territory in an area close by is next to impossible. So, others decide to work under the table and start getting their own clients. Well this is a better idea than joining a franchise, however this approach has it's own problems. It requires the ability to get paying clients, knowing how to operate legally at every step, and how to effectively and efficiently collect money for the services provided. Since most sole-proprietors lack some of these skills, over 95% of them will close shop in the first year of business, and another 4% within 5 years or less! If you've experienced this and are not sure what to do, we have a solution. We are different. We charge the client a reasonable amount based on current market conditions and our associate cleaners keep 90% of that amount. Our approach to doing business is on the other side of the spectrum as compared to other companies. Our LLC structure is legal at every level of regulation and is nearly bullet-proof. It is owned and operated by its members and because of that, we can offer some of the highest pay plans in the industry. Every member will be set-up legally at a *city, *state, and *federal level. We'll handle the process of bonding, liability insurance, and every aspect of handling taxes according to the most current laws and regulations. If you are ready to make a move that will reward you financially and at a professional level, apply today!

Legal Regulations of the cleaning industry in California

In 2018 Governor Brown passed the "The Property Service Workers Protection Act." In doing so, it has become VERY complicated to earn a living cleaning houses in the entire State of California. After several months spent with legal counsel and making a few adjustments, our business model has been given a stamp of approval for legal compliance at every level. However, in order to be in compliance and be certain that YOU will not be subject to hefty fines by the labor commissioner of California, you will eventually need to complete the following

  • Must complete Tax Certificate form from the city you live in ( City requirement ). The fee is as low as $15 a month!
  • May require janitorial service insurance ( Legal requirement ). As low as $40 a month!
  • Complete Home Occupation certificate ( City requirement ). One-time $100 fee.

"Elegant Empire is committed to providing experienced cleaning professionals the legal structure under which to maximizing their earnings in the house cleaning industry while complying with a variety of business laws that pertain to the industry." 

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