Elegant Empire LLC

Elegant Empire is a multi-member LLC.


It is a known fact that over 95% of new sole-owner new businesses fail within the first few years, while just the opposite is true.




Because well established  businesses structured as partnerships or franchise are based on systems that have already been used in the real world and shown to be successful. Joining our multi-member LLC costs only a fraction of a traditional franchise to get started.​ One of the best parts of joining Elegant Empire, as an LLC managing member, is the fact that there is very low overhead and only our expert team will train you on every aspect of the business.  This is an ideal home-based business because you don't need a sales staff, a billing or an administrative staff. Forget the paperwork and the sales calls that burden other types of businesses.

All you need to do to be successful is follow Elegant Empire's proven system. Just follow our time-tested method and finish the necessary tasks in a timely manner, and you will make money and grow your business. The best part about our cooperative business system is the flexibility to operate under while using your own creativity and rules. Our business model will work for the hands-on type of entrepreneur, or as a semi-absentee owner. You have the option to grow your business simply by outsourcing work to others in our business or in some cases to independent service providers. Our system will allow you to take better control of your time and earnings potential!

Consider the following:

  •    Recurring revenue from a repeat customer base

  •    Regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 3 pm) and time to enjoy your life

  •    Scalability and expansion potential

  •    Home-based business model with VERY low overhead

  •    Avoid the headaches of having employees

  •    Outsource 100% of marketplace generated work or work on a semi-absentee owner basis

  •    Little to no inventory to manage

  •    Our TOP member grossed over $165,000 last year on a semi-absentee basis!

  •    In-demand service

  •    Approachable start-up cost

Does Elegant Empire provide an exclusive territory?

Although this may work for a brick and mortar retail store, we have seen it does not work for a service based business. If it did work you would see all the ride-sharing companies peddling this as a recruiting tool for new drivers. You will be supplied with as many new clients as you are able to handle. That varies greatly from one person to the next. Business owner A may be capable and comfortable handling  25 jobs per month, while Business owner B may max about at 60 per month. The major criterion is the distance you are willing to drive from your office location. The determination of the distance is based upon the geographic region of the franchise and your desired size of business. On average, most service providers are comfortable driving within a 15 - 20 mile radius. 

Why not a Franchise?

Starting a traditional franchise can be an expensive proposition, with minimum liquid cash requirements starting in the low $50,000 range for newer franchise all the way over $100,000 liquid cash to even be considered for the well established ones. Once you budget for a brick and mortar location you will be looking at another $24,000 just to stay open the first year! If you don't believe me, just visit your local zoning officials and ask what type and size of building is required to run a traditional janitorial business. Then give a call to one of your local commercial real estate agents and ask how much it will cost to lease a building suitable for a cleaning type business. But at Elegant Empire you don't have to break the bank to get started! As an LLC managing member, you have minimal monthly fees that are based on the gross profits generated by your completed work. Actual costs vary depending on local market prices, but you can join our partnership for as little as $11,500.00. 

Marketplace Business Model

Our online, home-based business model is designed to give our cooperative owners the option to outsource some or all of the jobs generated through our Limited Liability Company. Although we do not recommend this for the first couple of years. Getting in the trenches and learning the cleaning industry from the bottom up will be of upmost importance once you expand and will manage a team or more to do the work. All our LLC members are independent business owners and NOT employees, so no need to break your head or budget on an expensive payroll department, worker's compensation expenses, or other administrative costs associated with having employees.  

Forget leasing a commercial office!

For any home-based business all we recommend, is a home office with enough space to accommodate a desk, laptop, printer, file cabinet, and cork board to manage your businesses work schedule.  If you will personally do some or all the work, all you need is about the size of a half a closet to store basic tools and supplies. Once again, we'll explain how to set up a audit proof home office, which will save as much as $6,000 a year from leasing an office at a retail or commercial building.