Provider Payment Policy

These are only GENERAL service agreement guidelines. To see what specific policy supersedes these, please review the policy that was mailed to you or has been published online at or about the time we started doing business. 

Service Agreements | Outsourced Work

1. Service Provider Payment Policies

By registering as a service provider with ("the website," "website," " "), you (“Service provider”, also known as a Participating Payee) agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to you by clients through the Third Party Settlement Organization system. Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for service provider services rendered, Elegant Empire serves as a marketplace for those seeking domestic services to connect with those seeking to provide such services. Elegant Empire also provides a service to its users whereby payments will be distributed to service providers that originate from their clients. Elegant Empire offers service providers a layer of protection in the collection of their funds but, if any of the following conditions are not met and Elegant Empire becomes unable to collect your payment from the business, client, or other type of account-holder (collectively, "client") to whom you provided service to, Elegant Empire cannot guarantee that your payment will be successfully collected, processed and distributed to you: a) The information pertaining to service is accurate. This includes the start and end time, duration, location and client account name. Unless otherwise agreed to by the client and service provider, the start and end time will be considered to be the times of the actual service, not arrival and departure times to and from the service location. b) Prior to each scheduled service, the client has on file with Elegant Empire a valid form of payment. This includes a valid credit/debit card or PayPal account. The requirement to verify payment information must be followed for existing as well as new clients. c) The service is completed at the agreed upon location as listed when client registered through Elegant Empire’s website. d) The client cancels scheduled service within the 24 hour window prior to day but service provider does not confirm they received cancellation notice via email, or phone, then no amount of payment is due. e) The service provider does not collect or request payment directly from the client by cash, check or otherwise, for the service. f) The service provider is over 18 years old and is eligible to work in the United States.

2. Timing and delivery of payments to Service Providers

If all the Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for service rendered are met, service providers can expect to receive their funds according to the following schedule. If there are questions about any of the conditions, payments may be delayed while Elegant Empire attempts to resolve the questions.

All Participating Payees are required to have registered for a PayPal or Braintree account before acceptance of registration. Aggregated funds will be processed to service provider’s account once per week on Friday by 10 PM Pacific Standard Time.

In order to finalize transfers from Participating Payees PayPal account to a linked bank account, they must provide accurate bank account and routing numbers. Funds will be released to the service provider’s bank by Participating Payee and the time they are actually available to the service provider by the service provider's bank will vary, and is controlled by the service providers bank, not by PayPal or Elegant Empire.

If a service provider’s money transfer is returned to PayPal by the service provider’s bank, PayPal will request that the service provider correct their bank information. The returned payment amount will be resent according to PayPal's money transfer policy and after the bank information is corrected

As an alternative, Elegant Empire may issue payments via direct deposit from our business checking account to the participating payees registered bank account. The amount it takes for funds to appear may vary from 3 - 5 business days, and is not under the control of Elegant Empire.

3. Social Security number requirement/ EIN/ITIN

a) Since this agreement does NOT constitute any of these listed agreements: employer-employee, partnership, employer- independent contractor, or employer- sub-contractor, general contractor-contractor/sub-contractor, we are NOT legally required to request a Social Security number. However, under IRS rules for Third Party Settlement Organizations, we will be required to collect this information if service provider’s payments for a calendar year will be at least $20,000 in aggregated payments and have a cumulative of 200 qualified transactions during the year. b) Service providers may use an Employer Identification Number ("EIN") issued by the Internal Revenue Service in place of a SSN for payment reporting purposes only. To use an EIN, a service provider must complete, sign and submit to Elegant Empire IRS Form W - 9. Calculation of commission payments a) Service providers set their own rate and may change it at any time. Changing the rate will affect clients who hire a service provider after the time the change is made. In order to change the rate for one of these clients, the service provider must acknowledge the rate change via a rate change request email. b) All service providers agree to the following commission structure. Elegant Empire’s commission varies inversely as the payment per service increases Elegant Empire's marketplace service fee is a percentage and varies based on the amount paid by client to the service provider for services rendered.​​ These amounts are negotiable between the Company, the participating Payor, and the participating Payee.

4. Licensed Online Venue

Elegant Empire has published this site,, as a licensed online affiliate communications and reservation platform for connecting independent service providers to the general public. Reservation and any service fees paid for cleaning services using either a credit card through our online platform, cash, or check are for cleaning services provided by affiliate, Independent service providers. In return, Elegant Empire provides some degree of guarantee of services by an independent service provider that have an established business relationship with us and are listed on this site. The act of referring a cleaning professional for paid referral/service fees does NOT imply, create, or constitute and employer-employee relationship for any party involved; Corporation, D.B.A. site administrator, independent cleaning providers, or users of site or those receiving the benefit of cleaning services. - Elegant Empire -

5. Property Service Workers Protection Act

It is up to the hiring company or individual to check on the registration status of the service provider. The only level of verification we are liable for is to ensure that each service provider has a Business Tax Certificate from the city in which our main office is located. We will not be liable for any penalties imposed on a person or company for hiring a janitorial service provider not registered under the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

6. Cleaning Service Agreements

All business entities and clients that contact Elegant Empire or a qualified representative for service providers and either use our online service ordering site,, to secure cleaning services from third party service providers, agree to a verbal, email, written, or implied service agreement are legally bound to abide by our fair service contract policy as follows:
Elegant Empire may serve more than one role to help maximize the time and efforts of service providers. Elegant Empire is NOT a janitorial services company or a janitorial services employer. We do however offer support services to independent service providers in the janitorial and maid service industry at a variety of roles. These roles may include any of the following:

  • direct or indirect advertising
  • website design and management
  • phone support, sales management
  • lead generation
  • lead management
  • scheduling
  • appointment confirmation
  • translating
  • email communication with leads
  • email communication with customers; electronic, or print means of communication
  • follow up with existing clients, and referral requests to clients.
You understand that all cleaning services offered are not under the control of Elegant Empire. Elegant Empire is NOT a janitorial service company and all work is done by local service providers. ​​ All pricing information is variable and may change from time to time depending on a number of factors; experience of the service provider, market supply and demand, difficulty of work requested, location of work; frequency of work, etc.​​

7. No Employment

Elegant Empire provides a software platform which allows you to connect with independent Service Professionals. Elegant Empire is not the employer of any Service Professional. You acknowledge that we do not supervise, direct, or control a Service Professional’s work or Professional Services performed in any manner. A Service Professional provides services to you as an independent contractor, and is not an LLC member, employee, joint venture, partner, agent, or franchisee of Elegant Empire for any purpose whatsoever.

8. Waiver for Worker's Compensation | Property Service Workers Protection Act

Property Service Workers Protection Act Elegant Empire LLC does NOT meet the requirements to need to register with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. The Property Service Workers Protection Act only applies to companies that meet the 3 following criteria: 1. Janitorial Service Company.Yes 2. Have at least 1 Employee. No. 3. Have at least one service worker; contractor or sub-contractor. No. Each managing member of our LLC is a sole-proprietor and not an employee. However, a managing-member may only subcontract work to another registered company. Or, if the work is being sub-contracted, that contractor must be registered. Disability Insurance does not apply If you are an Independent Contractor of any type(Corporation, LLC, Sole-Proprietor)you hereby waive any and all claims associated with Disability Insurance that mentions Elegant Empire or Elegant Empire LLC as your EMPLOYER. We do not employ any entities that provide cleaning service as employees. If you feel that cleaning is a high risk occupation and that you may be in danger of getting injured to the point that you can no longer work, please contact a Disability Insurance agent for information about a policy they can offer you directly. Furthermore, you may consider getting your own Disability Insurance policy in case of non work related injuries as well.

9. LLC Members

ALL service assignments provided effective January 1st, 2020 are payments under the business Elegant Empire LLC. has an exclusive service agreement with Elegant Empire LLC as it's only "Independent Contractor." If you happen to get a payment from Elegant Empire's PayPal account, it is only being used to distribute payments owed to you from Elegant Empire LLC. Elegant Empire PayPal payments are considered Third-Party Network Transactions.

10. Third-Party Network Transactions

ALL PayPal payments sent to any registered matketplace payees are under the rules and regulatiuons of Third-Party Payment Transactions. This means that Elegant Empire is NOT the responsible party to supply you with a 1099-Misc form, it is PayPal's responsibility. If you are unable to receive a 1099 - Misc form from PayPal to use when filing your yearly taxes, please use the payment summary we mailed to you as a source of income reporting.