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Types of Cleaning Service 

Save time, energy, and frustration by outsourcing your cleaning!

Whether you are a busy professional, retired, or don't have the skill or patience to clean your home, our service will benefit you in more than one way. Our experienced and friendly is available to provide you with quality service consistently. Residential service can generally be divided into the following  main categories:

Regular House Cleaning:

If you want to maintain a clean home and maximize your savings, we recommend one of our Recurring Cleaning service plans. This service can be set up weekly, every other week, or monthly. All our plans are month to month and can be canceled or paused anytime without any hassles. Our staff is uniformed and will show up with all the necessary tools and supplies to complete the work. As with our other service plans, we highly recommend contacting us first to do an in-person walk-through of your place. This will allow us to get a clear picture of what cleaning tasks are required the level of work involved, and to answer any questions you may have related to our housekeeping service. Read more about Regular House Cleaning services here.


Vacancy Cleaning:

Whether you are moving in or out of a house, apartment, or other living quarters, we can help. Vacancy service can be challenging, primarily if the house location is not regularly maintained. Generally speaking, we have some staff dedicated and better trained to do vacancy cleanings, so we may or may not always have a team available. We typically request a minimum seven-day notice to accommodate this type of service. 


To see a sample of what our cleaners complete during a typical vacancy cleaning job, go HERE to view a detailed article with helpful information. And just so you know, we regularly supply the workforce to handle the volume of the turn-around move-out cleanings of several local 400-plus units, multi-neighborhood apartments, and condo complexes. We work closely with property management companies and understand what is expected to tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs.

Deep House Cleaning:

Maybe it's spring, and you are ready for some deep cleaning and need a helping hand. Deep cleaning will include additional items and areas such as all baseboards, the inside cabinets, the inside of all appliances, and select interior windows. The most common request for deep cleaning service is for vacant properties. Generally speaking, we have some staff dedicated and better trained to do deep cleanings, so we may or may not have staff available all the time. As with other services, we will provide you with a custom-tailored quote that reflects the work involved to get your place cleaned to your expectations. You can get more information about Deep Cleaning service here.

If you are ready to experience the difference in our reliable and quality cleaning service, fill out the service request form to get started. We will work with you to do select a specific day and time that will work best for the scheduled service, and we will also meet with you to come up with a cleaning list detailed to your needs.  Please click on the correct icon to see a sample of what is included with each service. To schedule an in-person walk-thru, click the red icon and complete the form. If you prefer, you may also call us at (805)914-4520  

Some of our Most requested residential cleaning services are listed below. To further understand the scope of each service selection, just click on the image to open material that further explains each one.
"Cleaned Vacant Room"
"Cleaned Vacation Rental Living Room"
"Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution"
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