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Elegant Empire; Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Save time, energy, and frustration by outsourcing your cleaning!

Elegant Empire Cleaning Service Business Profile


Opened for business in 2011 and our company is structured as an LLC under the Secretary of State Business division. We are also registered in our main City of operation and have a business tax certificate. We have all the necessary docs to operate within the State of California and also have an EIN to provide to our commercial cleaning clients.
Areas of service:
  • Oxnard

  • Camarillo

  • Ventura

  • Port Hueneme

  • Thousand Oaks

  • Newbury Park

Business Hours: Monday Through Friday from 8AM - 4 PM
Type of Service offered:
  • Residential Cleaning. This includes one time cleaning service, vacancy or move-out cleaning, and ongoing regular service. The dwellings related to residential include single-family homes, apartments, condos and studios. This Recurring service can be at different time-intervals; daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

  • Commercial Cleaning. This covers a host of different types of business locations but they are generally divided into two main categories. Retail business location where clients walk in to purchase a product or a service. This covers areas such as gym's, retail stores, malls, and such. The other category of commercial service includes business location where services or products are not sold directly to walk-in clients. These include a variety of offices like medical facilities, engineering offices,  governments buildings, and warehouses to name a few.


Revitalize Your Spaces with exceptional Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services in Oxnard

Why Choose Elegant Empire for Your Cleaning Needs in Oxnard, California?


Are you searching for a reliable residential and commercial cleaning company in Oxnard, California? Elegant Empire is your trusted partner, boasting a legacy since 2011 and an expansive clientele spanning every city in Ventura County. Our unwavering commitment to cleanliness and professionalism sets us apart.



Tailored Cleaning Plans for Your Home and Workplace

At Elegant Empire, we understand the uniqueness of every space, reflected in our personalized cleaning plans. We collaborate closely with you to fulfill your individual requirements and financial plan. Our cleaning services leave every corner untouched in your residence or workplace.


Flexibility and Exceptional Customer Service

Adaptability defines our approach. Acknowledging your schedule and lifestyle, we offer flexible solutions that seamlessly fit your routine. Our dedicated professionals are not just cleaners; they're passionate about providing service that exceeds expectations.


Addressing Past Frustrations

We hear you if you've encountered inconsistent cleaning services in the past. Elegant Empire takes pride in resolving the issues that matter to you. From erratic scheduling to unexpected fees, we're here to redefine your cleaning experience.



Ensuring Quality and Consistency

Consistent quality is our hallmark. Maintaining excellence over time is a challenge we conquer through rigorous quality control measures. With our experienced team, your space is in capable hands, receiving the attention it deserves.



Customized Service and Payment Plans

No two needs are alike. Our budget-friendly plans adapt to your requirements, ensuring you only pay for what you truly need. We operate month-to-month, avoiding long-term commitments and showing confidence in our quality.



Expertise and Premium Equipment

Surface-specific treatments are paramount. Our expertise in selecting the most appropriate products guarantees optimal results. Armed with premium tools and supplies, we're ready for every cleaning task.



A Diverse Array of Residential Cleaning Services

We provide residential cleaning services for any occupied residential dwellings. These spaces include places of any size, such as studios, apartments, houses, and mansions. 



Custom Interval Cleaning Services

Besides a one-time cleaning service, we also cater to clients of residential and commercial establishments with ongoing service. This steady service could be daily, in the case of some office buildings, weekly, monthly, or every other week. 



A Diverse Array of Commercial Cleaning Services

Discover the Elegant Empire difference, not just for residential but also commercial spaces. Our expertise extends to various private business establishments that demand specialized cleaning. These include:


  • Office Buildings: Providing comprehensive cleaning for corporate spaces, including work areas, standard zones, and conference rooms.Here is a guide to help you understand the importance and other vital information regarding office cleaning procedures and options in Oxnard.


  • Corporate Headquarters: Elevating the image of larger office spaces through thorough cleaning.


  • Industrial Facilities: Maintaining safety and efficiency by cleaning manufacturing plants, warehouses, and production areas.


  • Data Centers: Ensuring optimal performance by specialized cleaning of sensitive equipment and facilities.


  • Research Laboratories: Meeting controlled environments' critical precision and hygiene needs.


  • Tech companies: Tech companies must maintain their offices, labs, and server rooms to support their technology-driven businesses.


  • Financial Institutions: Offering clean and secure environments for banks, investment firms, and insurance companies.


  • Law Firms: Law firms can create a professional environment by ensuring that their offices, meeting rooms, and legal libraries are clean and well-maintained.


  • Consulting Firms: Enabling organized spaces for client meetings and collaboration within consulting companies.


  • Medical Offices: Maintaining hygiene and sterility in doctors' offices, dental clinics, and medical facilities. For additional insights on the importance of medical office cleaning, please check our post that covers this subject.


These are just a few examples of the diverse establishments we serve, each with unique cleaning needs based on their industry and operations.


Experience excellence in cleaning and professionalism with Elegant Empire. Click below to complete a service request form and witness the transformation of your space. Your journey to a cleaner environment begins today!

Mission Statement


" Our mission is to serve the community with quality residential cleaning services through our network of committed professionals at an exceptional value through the use quality equipment and supplies." 


- Elegant Empire -

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