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Vacancy Cleaning Service

"Mastering the Skill of Expert Vacancy Cleaning"

This is a sample list of items that are normally part of most vacancy cleaning services.As you may know, we have been providing vacancy cleaning service to a numb er of large multi-family apartment complexes in Oxnard since 2011. A list from one property management company in Oxnard may be different from one in Camarillo. Rest assured, we have the experience to navigate through the various move-out cleaning lists from different complexes and our staff is knowledgeable to follow the list provided to us from your specific landlord, tenant, or yourself.

If you have the time and energy and are willing to do a vacancy cleaning yourself, we have this article that dives into the details involved with cleaning out an apartment for a move-out or other type of vacancy service.

Sample Vacancy House Cleaning List
Here is a list of what is usually INCLUDED with a vacancy cleaning service. Items can be custom tailored to each specific job request.

  • Vacuum rugs

  • Sweep & Mop floors

  • Sweep entry way

  • Clean baseboards

  • Spot clean doors, Clean inside and out of front door

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Dust any furniture, frames, ceiling fans

  • Clean/Scrub/Disinfect all kitchen counters

  • Clean interior of all cabinets; kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

  • Clean all door knobs and cabinet handles

  • Clean exterior/interior of all appliances, if any (microwave, stove, refrigerator). We avoid the removal of residue on stove tops and interior if it cannot be removed with a standard oven de-greaser. 

  • Clean and polish all cabinets (where applicable)

  • Dust and wipe window shutters/blinds/sills

  • Clean select inside windows; excludes out-side windows/rails

  • Clean/Scrub/Disinfect all sinks in kitchen and restrooms. Some mineral deposits cannot be Removed. Any attempt to remove them may cause surface damage.

  • Scrub and remove visible soap scum, mold, and mildew  in showers

  • Clean/Scrub/Disinfect toilets

  • Clean all mirrors; kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

Pricing for vacancy cleanings are based on an hourly rate of:

Due to the varied amounts of time needed to complete vacancy cleanings of houses of equal size, we need to visit each house/property to provide an accurate estimate. The differences in the amount it takes to clean similar sized homes can be attributed to a number of details such as: 

  • Level of dust accumulation throughout the house areas such as cabinets, baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, etc.

  • Number of blinds/shutters that need dusting

  • Types of floors throughout the house; wood, laminate, tile, rug, etc.

  • Amount of calcium/mineral buildup in the bathroom showers; walls, faucets, and sinks.

  • Amount of stains/spots that need to be wiped off of walls throughout the house

  • Number of appliances that need interior cleaning

  • Level of grease accumulation inside oven

  • Whether or not other areas will or will not need floors swept; front entrance, patio/s, garage, etc.

Items NOT offered as part of vacancy cleaning service:

These items normally require highly specialized equipment and training and can be performed by niche specific service professionals.

  • Deep Grout cleaning

  • Removal of glued on drawer paper film

  • Paint removal

  • Packing or moving any household items

  • Removing screws or nails from any surface

  • Removal of glued on cabinets drawer liners

  • Removing or replacing caulking

  • Cleaning of ventilation ducts on ceilings

  • Some wall stains cannot be removed and scrubbing too hard may actually remove the paint,  a fresh coat of paint may be recommended

  • Rug shampooing

  • Hard wood floor, laminate, or Tile floor Restoration

  • Construction/junk debris removal

  • Outside Window cleaning; pane/screens/frames/rails

  • Cleaning delicate light fixtures or those that cannot be reached with two step ladder

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