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Commercial Cleaning Service 

Elegant Empire | Commercial Services 

  • Office

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Medical

  • School

  • Government 

Industrial Building
  • $10,000 bond

  • Experienced staff

  • Local Staff

  • GL Policy

  • Licensed

  • Workman's comp option 

Do you have a large number of units that need regular cleaning either on a steady or random basis? Are you a small business owner and just can't find the time to do the cleaning? Do you have very specific insurance requirements to outsource the work? If so, we have full General Liability Insurance with extensive in coverage and a $10,000 service bond for your protection. On top of that, if your job request qualifies, we can offer coverage  under a State Funded general workers' compensation policy to keep everyone on the safe side!


With Elegant Empire LLC, it's a win-win situation. We have the qualified service technicians ready, able, and willing to provide you with quality cleaning services. Outsourcing your cleaning needs has never been easier. Given the varied degrees of complexity involved with cleaning a commercial establishment, we can stop by and see specifically what is needed and discuss the options available for your specific situation. Give us a call or email us a message so we can stop by and review your specific location and talk about your budget to see if together we can come up with a plan that works for you!

In the meantime, here is the basic pricing information so you can see why we offer one of the best value services in this area:

  • Price is currently set at $24/service hour/associate; may vary so please contact us for more details

  • This can include or exclude most equipment and supplies (excludes cost of bathroom tissue, towels, and soap)

  • General Liability Insurance that covers claims regarding bodily injuries or property damage caused by our company staff

  • This includes a $10,000 service bond in case something is broken or damaged

  • Includes our own Self-Funded Medical, Injury and Disability Policy to cover our staff  for any unlikely work related sickness or injury

  • Manager is always just a phone-call away

  • Multiple payment options: PayPal, Check, ACH all on a net 30 payment basis; may vary depending on scope and size of service

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