Service Rates & Payment Terms

Average Bi-weekly Rates
Final pricing may vary

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Average Monthly Rates
Final pricing may vary

Service Rates

3. Terms of Payments

Payment is due on the day of service Here are the payment options: 1. CHECK. If you opt to pay with a check, please leave the amount due in an envelope for our staff to take the day of service.We accept check payments made to "Elegant Empire". 2. CREDIT CARD.

  • We have a card(credit) on file for a client and are authorized to run a service charge on the day of service.
  • If we do not have a card on file, we will email you an Invoice with a link to access and process the payment on your own.
  • Please note that for certain jobs, we cannot schedule service If we do not have a credit card on file AND a reservation is not made at least 24 hours in advance. In order to maximize our user experience and minimize last minute cancellations, we may require advanced payment or to have a card on file.
3. CASH. We currently do not accept cash as a form of payment.

2. Hourly Rate Benefits

1. Time-based pricing.

Service fees cover specific labor time and all costs involved for each specific cleaning job. Our proven time-based pricing system will give you the most bang for the buck! You only pay for the time work is actually performed, instead of risking over-payment with other per job pricing systems. This pricing system is in place to not only remain competitive, but also to ensure transparency so that both clients and cleaning associates get a fair deal in the exchange of services and compensation.


2. Initial Trial Service.

Furthermore, the initial price is based on the total number of labor hours needed to either complete the work requested OR until the clients budget is reached; whichever occurs FIRST.

This will help establish a baseline so that any future service fees can be calculated with ease. The baseline price, which is based on the total number of labor hours needed to complete the work and established after the first few visits, will remain constant for future services. That is unless the client request partial cleaning (this will bring the price down), or if the client request additional work to get done (this will increase the pricing accordingly).

3. Predictable service fee.

And keep in mind that the labor rate does not change whether 1, 2, or more cleaners complete a job. So, if more or less people perform the same assignment, the price is the same because it is based on the rate per person.

6. Compare pricing

We do NOT advertise our company to have the lowest prices. However, we have sufficient business management experience to screen highly experienced local service providers, and because of that you will find very COMPETITIVE pricing here. Furthermore, when doing a price comparison please be sure to compare apples to apples. In other words the pricing hierarchy that has evolved in the service industry is related to the level of legal and tax compliance of the parties involved. So in order, from least to most expensive business models please go to our Service Questions page to review the factors responsible for the highly varied pricing plans offered by a number of different companies.

4. Other Factors that affect pricing

The final price is determined by a number of factors including: frequency of service, type of floors, number of levels, accumulation level of dirt throughout the house between visits, accumulation of grease in kitchen area between cleanings, and the amount of detail requested by each client.

Often we get feedback from clients regarding how much more OR less they pay for service compared to their good friend whose house is very similar in size. More often than not, it can be pinpointed to any number of differences between the two places such as the type of floors or the number of knickknacks one has as compared to the other. By far, the biggest difference in price can be traced to the frequency of service.

The amount of time since your last cleaning or the time between each service is by far the greatest factor that has an effect on the final pricing. When comparing two very similar houses, this factor can sway the price one way or another significant amount.

5. Pricing Model

Unlike bidding platforms where the pricing quotes are VERY varied from one service provider to another, without any clear explanation, ours is consistent. You see, this is what normally happens with equally qualified service providers you find on any number of marketplaces.

A) They will underbid to get a job and end up working for less than what they are worth.

B) They OVER estimate with the hopes of getting a great pay from an uninformed client, and end up losing most bids.

WE take the guess work out of the equation. We are always gathering and testing different pricing points and will select the average prices for the service providers to use as a basis. This maximizes their ability to get paid what the market dictates, while not getting under paid or losing bids as a result of being misinformed.

1. Hourly Rate | Residential | Commercial

1. Residential Rates: $24/hour/cleaner

  • House
  • Townhouse
  • Apartment, condo
  • Senior living facility
2. Commercial Rates: $24/hour/cleaner
  • Office
  • Retail shop
  • Gym
  • Medical facility
  • Industrial space
3. Commercial Rates that REQUIRE workman's comp insurance: $30/hour/cleaner. Please be aware that the minimum contract amount we are willing to enter with a business that requires this insurance is $20,000 per contract, with a minumum of 6 months or a maximum of 1 year.
  • Office
  • Retail shop
  • Gym
  • Medical facility
  • Industrial space
4. Service Specials. We may offer season discounts or other promotional rates throughout the year. We may also offer a 5 - 10% discount to select clients that request a longer-term service agreement.

7. Do I need to sign up for a long-term service contract?

1. Residential | Commercial | Vacation rental

NO! Unlike many other companies we do not require any client to sign up for any long-term service contracts. We are confident in our ability to provide quality service at a very competitive price Because of that, we are certain you will keep us as your service provider as long as we keep a consistent level of quality workmanship. All our service agreements are on a service to service basis.

2. Commercial Cleaning that requires workman's compensation

Please be aware that the minimum contract amount we are willing to enter with a business that requires this insurance is $20,000 per contract, with a minimum of 6 months or a maximum of 1 year.

8. Minimum service reservation

1. One cleaning associate: The minimum amount of time per reservation for one cleaning associate is 3 hours, or $72. 2. Two cleaning associates 2 Hours or $96