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"Ensuring Home Security: Allowing Housekeeping service company home access

"Balancing Convenience and Security: Navigating Access Options for Housekeeping Services"


Table of Contents


1. Introduction: Housekeeping Service key

In this article, we explore the dilemma faced by individuals who hire housekeeping services but cannot be home during the cleaning sessions. The main concern is granting access to the housekeeping company in the client's absence. We delve into three primary solutions:

  • Being present during entry

  • Opting for a high-grade key lock box

  • Providing a copy to the housekeeping company

Each option is thoroughly examined, along with essential considerations to ensure security and trustworthiness. Additionally, we recommend in-person interviews and references for those hiring private cleaners. To make better choices regarding home security, readers need to understand the various access options available and pick the one that suits their requirements the most. This way, they can ensure the safety of their homes.

Housekeeping service company

2. Typical Situation

After conducting interviews with several cleaning companies, you have finally reached an agreement with a reputable local housekeeping company with competitive pricing and a proven track record. However, a recent change in your spouse's work schedule means they will not be present when the housekeeping company arrives. Granting the housekeeping company access to your home is challenging because you are hesitant to give them a copy of your house key. Let us explore the available options, starting with the most common solutions to this predicament.

3. Client presence during entry

The safest and most prevalent arrangement is when the client is present to grant access to the housekeeping crew upon arrival and remain home until they finish. While no precise statistics exist regarding the percentage of individuals who are consistently home during the cleaning service, we estimate it to be around 30% to 40%. This category includes households where only one spouse works, retired individuals, and those who prefer to schedule housekeeping services on their days off.

4. High-grade key lock box: Housekeeping service company lockbox

A highly recommended solution is to allow the housekeeping service provider to install a lockbox, like those used for vacation rentals or real estate properties on sale. Lock boxes offer numerous advantages, such as their durable construction using high-grade steel, which resists tampering attempts. There are cost-effective options that the client or business can provide. The access code can be customized and changed as needed. Typically, the access code is shared only with the responsible team leader from the housekeeping service and the client.

For safety reasons, we recommend that you only place the key in the lockbox on the day of the service before it starts. Once the cleaning is complete and you return home, promptly remove the key. Insert the key into the lockbox before the next scheduled service. It is imperative to keep the key inside the lockbox when needed to prevent unauthorized access to the key. If you prefer to avoid having a lock box on your property and no one will be home during the cleaning service, there is another option to consider.

5. Providing a copy to the housekeeping company

Although some clients may feel apprehensive about it, opting out of installing a lock box is a fairly common choice. Acquiring a copy of a key is inexpensive, typically costing around a dollar, compared to the price of a decent lockbox, which starts at $30.

6. Alarm Code

Once you have established a good working relationship and determined the service provider you hired is legitimate and trustworthy, you may extend your business relationship to the next level of trust. To ensure your cleaning staff understands the proper entry and exit protocols to turn off and turn on your alarm system, We suggest showing them how to do it first-hand.

Some alarms are easy, and all you do is open the front door, walk to the alarm panel, and either enter a code of click-off or something similar. Others may require an extra step when exiting. For example, some may need to hold a button until the beep starts to activate an alarm and then leave. Others will need a code to activate the alarm and exit within a certain period. Either way, we suggest that you show the process to the cleaning staff next to you.

7. Due diligence

As with any business engagement, it is essential to conduct due diligence before entrusting a copy to any housekeeper, whether independent or from a company. It is advisable to review information about the company to assess its trustworthiness as an organization. Several metrics can be considered, such as verifying if the company has a service bond to cover potential damages or missing items. Possessing a service bond indicates that the company likely holds a business license and meets the minimum requirements for public service. Additionally, having a website with contact information and email demonstrates professionalism.

Our article discussing the many angles regarding the cost of hiring a cleaner has a neat graph showing the various levels of a business's establishment and the anticipated expenses to hire a company or an independent cleaner.

8. Company complaints resolution system

While not as crucial, it is also relevant to inquire whether the company has a conflict resolution policy in case issues arise. Suppose a company has implemented risk management measures as part of its business. We will implement the necessary steps if a staff member accesses a property outside their designated working hours.

For those hiring private cleaners, we recommend conducting in-person interviews to gauge their character and reliability. Consider having them perform a few trial cleanings while you are present to assess their trustworthiness. It's important to request references from current or past clients who have used their services to gain more information about a house cleaner's work habits and character.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, granting housekeeping company home access without the client requires thoughtful consideration and careful evaluation of available options. While being present during the cleaning session offers the highest level of security, there may be other options. Utilizing a lock box provides a convenient and secure alternative, safeguarding against unauthorized access. Providing a pivotal copy to the housekeeping company is a viable solution for those uncomfortable with lock boxes. Still, it demands thorough research and due diligence to ensure the company's trustworthiness.

Ultimately, the decision depends on individual preferences, circumstances, and comfort levels with each approach. Requesting references and conducting in-person interviews with private cleaners can add assurance when choosing this path.

It is essential to prioritize home security, regardless of the chosen method. Taking necessary precautions and openly discussing concerns and expectations with the housekeeping company can help establish a trustworthy relationship. By combining careful selection, clear communication, and appropriate safety measures, homeowners can confidently allow housekeeping company access and enjoy a clean and well-maintained living space.


10. Questions & Answers

Question: What is the most common and safest arrangement for granting housekeeping company access to homes during cleaning sessions?

Answer: The most common and safest is when the client is present during the cleaning session to provide access to the housekeeping crew upon arrival and remain home until they finish.



What percentage of individuals is estimated to be consistently home during housekeeping services?


Approximately 30% to 40% of individuals are estimated to be consistently home during housekeeping services. This includes households with only one working spouse, retirees, and those who prefer scheduling housekeeping services on their days off.



How can homeowners ensure a secure and convenient option for granting access without the homeowner present?


Homeowners can opt for a high-grade key lock box, similar to those used for vacation rentals or real estate properties on sale. The lock box provides a secure and convenient option for the housekeeping company to access the property.



What are the advantages of using a high-grade key lock box for housekeeping company access?


High-grade key lock boxes offer several benefits, including durable construction using high-grade steel to resist tampering attempts, customizable access codes that can be changed as needed, and the ability to minimize the time the key remains inside the lockbox to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.


Question: Apart from using a lock box, what is another option for granting housekeeping company access without the homeowner present?

Answer: Another option is to provide a copy to the housekeeping company. While some clients may be hesitant about this option, it is a relatively common practice, and acquiring a copy is cost-effective compared to installing a lock box.



What steps should homeowners take before providing a copy to a housekeeping company?

Answer: Before giving a copy to any housekeeping company, the homeowner needs to do some due diligence. They can review information about the company's trustworthiness, such as verifying if the company has a service bond, possesses a business license, and has a professional online presence with contact information and email. Additionally, inquiring about the company's conflict resolution policy can be relevant if any issues arise with the staff accessing the property at a non-scheduled time.


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